November 28, 2022

love conquering new areas and owning everywhere the truth is in Amogus.IO! You may be among many enemies that wandering around in order to make anywhere theirs. You aren’t simply sitting indeed there letting them do-all the work. You are their enemy, also. If you want to function as owner of wherever you can view, you should strive and stay a wise player. Are you able to get the area you would like by detatching your enemies?

You are wandering around along with your opponents right next to you in a large area defined by specific boundaries. In a limited location, both you and your competitors tend to be gliding your ways to get increasingly more area. Therefore, be mindful of these colored areas simply because they participate in some one. That someone ought to be of the same color as the location they are almost certainly gliding around. Also, you will definitely begin your journey across the circle of the shade. The greater distance you are taking, the bigger the region you occupy is supposed to be. Which, if you successfully reach your mainland, though. You should manage to achieve back once again to their mainland and tie the line they have been making utilizing the solid-color block. Once this is done, that border is supposed to be conquered. But be mindful. If you’re blocked by an enemy on your way to your mainland, you will definitely explode towards death. Exactly the same goes for your careless opponents whoever obstructs you are able to destroy. Don’t forget this world has its own restrictions and therefore you might be seduced by your demise in the event that you exceed the limitations. Does it appear challenging? After that expect you’ll reside as much land as possible also to examine your limits while battling against your enemies who are simultaneously having fun with you!
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NoaDev Inc. created Amogus.IO.

Launch Date
November 16, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• IO online game with real time rivals
• Requirement of strategic reasoning
• Indicator of exactly how much associated with the land you occupy

You can use the arrow tips or perhaps the mouse of one’s computer system to maneuver your personality.

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