November 28, 2022

In, it is time to end this pandemic for once and all! The physicians allow us a remedy, and it’s your task to eliminate the viruses in this competitive online game. Manage a savior virus, and destroy everything!
The pandemic is forcing people to remain inside their homes, but thank goodness, there clearly was a cure today! Your objective within game is straightforward. You try to destroy as many viruses as you can. You can easily play this video game with your mouse. When you begin the game, choose either the online or even the offline mode, after choosing a character epidermis and offering yourself a name. Into the traditional mode, you fight against bots, whilst in the internet based mode, you play against genuine players. To kill other people, you ought to strike all of them from at the rear of and stab these with your horn. If you are when you look at the right place, you can dash at them for a shock attack! With every virus you kill, your horn becomes bigger. You will need to collect stars, as they can help unlock new personality skins and game on the internet modes. All the best!
The virus is strong but we will persevere! Go on and carry on your struggle against this pandemic inside our various other great game, eliminate the Coronavirus. Have some fun playing!
DeveloperGreat Games created
Release DateMarch 26, 2020

* Colorful 2D images
* 6 different online game modes
* on line multiplayer and traditional solamente gameplay choices
* Various different personality skins to unlock
* Simple controlsControlsUse your mouse to change your path. Push the room BAR to dash.

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