November 28, 2022

Let yourself free from the foothills in Downhill Chill! You have something special for ice-skating, and from now on you are able to showcase your talent in some downhill events. Get place in the start range and be willing to skate your way through the entire rink. Can you defeat your rivals and win a number of races?

In this game, you’ll find your self drifting easily downhill. Just let your self release off the start line and rotate your personality. The rink is full of gates and ramps. With every gate you go through, you get an additional point. The ramps, on the other hand, are opportunities for you yourself to travel large and do flips. In the event that you land perfectly, your rate will undoubtedly be boosted, too. It will help a great deal because you must be among the first three ratings to pass through to the next amount. You will find 25 hills regarding the map that every consist of many levels. These levels lead the way-down in the mountain one after the other. Each degree has a different roadway chart. You can look at to take-down your competitors when they skate near to you. Now, get down to this addictive online game and attempt to become winner in each level through the hills.
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Raketspel created Downhill Chill.

Release Date
November 29, 2021

• 3D colorful illustrations
• addicting roadmap
• hard gameplay
• Intuitive controls
• numerous levels to pass

You should use the mouse of one’s computer to turn the character.

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