November 28, 2022

In, join a room full of innovative folks as you and imagine all the terms in order to become number one regarding the leaderboard! Can you guess all the terms appropriate and unleash your inner creative capacity to draw top photographs in this war of pencils? Begin by generating a character and unlock new skins for your avatar!
Grab your colorful pencils and get yourself ready. As you’re in for a challenging match. Guess the words people are attempting to draw from the white board so when it’s your time, draw the phrase in clearest way feasible. You can easily send your guess by writing the word from the chat package below. If you are proper, the talk package will say “You guessed your message!” along with your avatar will switch green. And when it’s your change, find the word from the 3 words you see and commence attracting. You can easily select your pencil dimensions, color and eraser also. To be no. 1, you need to imagine what initially and gather most of the points. Along with your accomplishments, you can easily later unlock brand new characteristic properties for the avatar like brand-new locks colors, attention shapes, noses and more! Therefore, exactly what are you waiting around for? Enjoy!
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Release DateOctober 28, 2020

* Fun io-based game with a lot of web players
* Intuitive settings
* Simple and addicting game play
* brand new avatars to unlockControlsYou only require your mouse to play

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