November 28, 2022 is a survival RPG io online game in which you must combat monsters for treasures! From creators of GLOR.IO! Survival RPG online game you have never seen before! Create facilities and castles, combat the beasts, you will need to survive in a cold cold temperatures, ride bike and take from crossbow, battle the treasures and dominate the host!Features_- blade and Shields!- Full-featured inventory system with saving things between sessions!- Craft and develop things!- Individual and group transport!- Dynamic fire!- Many hats and differing tools, from club to fireball cannon!how-to play_- WASD to go- Mouse to aim, left-click to action- Tab_B_C_P_M – to start inventory_building menu_craft menu_map_teams- Hold move while building to create in a row!- Hold move while handling your stock to split stacks!- Ctrl + Left-Click on things in the upper body to move it between stock and chests- T to toss currently equipped things- +_- to zoom digital camera- 0-9 to select equipment- Enter to chat- P to open mapHow to assemble resources_Use Axe for collecting timber and Pick Axe for gathering Stone_Gold_Diamonds. Golden version of this resources have significantly more durability and gather way more sources per hit!getting food_You can get food from creatures, like pigs_bears_penguins as well as others. Although easiest way – build a farm. Piggies developing with a period and may give you more meat, so cannot gather it from start!Simple tips to provide Shield or Hat_simply open up the inventory and pull a necessary item to shield_hat-slot.How to survive in winter_Try to avoid white bears, due to they very powerful! Ready some dust and lots of logs and rocks before going to winter! Look at your temperature bar, in the event that you getting cold, you are dead, therefore create bonfires to warming up. Get fur from rabbits in order to make a fur cap, permits you to definitely keep heat which I’m able to find diamonds_You can find diamonds within the winter months. During the night you can see them on map as red quads. But be cautious! Throughout the night you shed heat quicker!in which i could find hats_Sometimes treasures spawned within the world. You’ll see notify message about it. Attempt to obtain the gem first, because they have many special things and hats. Easy caps you can build inside stock. All caps involve some impacts and enhance you.How to keep my what to make use of it in future_only develop an exclusive chest! You need to be authorized making use of facebook_google_discord.the reason why my axe is damaged and disappear_Almost all tools and resources into the game have durability. You can observe it regarding the item icon inside inventory_equipment panel. Also, it is possible to develop restoration box to correct things.Strategy tips_- Axe, choose Axe and Club – will be your best friends on begin, develop it immediately.- Once you levelling up and come to be more powerful, try to look for gold ore, it really is necessary to build heartstone and did not drop your progress after first death- it is possible to develop bush cap and remain hidden regarding the minimap from other players!- Don’t forget about shields! It dramatically increases your opportunity to survive!- develop traps, to cease creatures also people! – begin to build your base and develop archer towers, it could guard you against monsters!- Do not try using treasures when you haven’t hearstone! You will find beasts and other players whom want to get it!- Whenever you grow your hearstone, a nightmare may come for you, so be careful at night!- cannot enter cold weather unless you prepared for it. Truly, it is extremely dangerous.- You can get some diamonds by killing werewolves during the night, make an effort to build a motorcycle, it allows you to definitely go faster!- Try to find a team, or create an innovative new one, because collectively you’ve got more opportunities to survive!- Diamond shield and fantastic hammer – great items to attack other bases!- Thief cap will make you hidden during the night time unless you go. Make use of it to cover from unintentionally enemy groups.

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