September 30, 2022

In, prepare for an exciting war of aliens! You are on your very own with this battlefield. There’s no one around to have the back. Your opponents are no ordinary people. You’re going to be competing against people from all over the world. They could be skilled and determined adequate to destroy you. But never disheartenment and hold assaulting regardless of what! Let’s observe up you can easily climb from stairs for the worldwide leaderboard today!
You’re about to step into a battleground in which no warrior program mercy to another. You’ll want a back here. Always remember your opponents is from anywhere in the world at all ages. Within fun io game, your objective would be to stay live by eliminating other players. When you enter the game, there are your self in a giant location. You have got a weapon within hand. Attack the people along with it and without a blink. You can attack all of them from at the rear of! It is always the best way! Try to collect the blue cubes on the ground. It is possible to increase personality’s degree with all the cubes. While you proceed in online game, you can easily unlock new weapons besides. You can replace your character’s skin from the main selection to add more enjoyable into the game. May a warrior wins!
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DeveloperDRA created
Release DateJuly 26, 2021

* 2D colorful illustrations
* Competing against various other people
* worldwide leaderboard to climb
* Fun and addicting gameplayControlsYou can use the mouse or touch controls to play this video game.

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